Healthy Snacking

Hello, this is Kathleen Raskin, and I know just as well as anyone that on Friday night, after a long day at work, many of us will be watching a great movie on Netflix and munching on everything that is within reach. For most of us, this means chips, popcorn, or pizza. If you are anything like me, you find yourself saying, “Geeze, stop eating this junk food and get your life together.” I know that there are many healthy recipe snack alternatives online today, and I’d like to share a few of the best healthy foods to help you lose weight, feel better, and even eventually like eating more.

Salty Snacks

We all crave salty snacks at some point; I know I do when I’m super stressed out. But you know that caloric intake can spike with the “traditional choices.” You can try a light blue cheese dip to go with a baked potato chip. Another choice I love is a nontraditional trail mix with peanut butter chips and peanuts combined in it to give it that little difference than the typical store brand alternatives. You can leave out the pumpkin seeds though; I’ve never been a fan ever since I was a kid.

Holiday Treats

The worst time for unhealthy snacking is the holidays and I am the worst about eating when I go to a party, I just want to try everything that is out on the red and green or orange and black table cloths.  Traditional Halloween treats can be a nutritional scare and Christmas can be worse. Baked apples are always a great option, still sweet, festive, in season but much healthier than caramel ones and you will feel great with that boost of energy that comes with a fruity snack. Add a little cinnamon and you will have a memorable treat.

Gooey Goodies

I know that if I am craving something, it is usually something with a yummy gooey center that candy bars offer. I know that they aren’t good for me but I just can’t help it. I was so excited when I came across a replacement recipe for them online. I could not believe my luck. They take a little bit of work, as with any chocolate tempering and caramel creation, but oh my goodness do they taste just like the real thing. This is Kathleen Raskin, asking you to do yourself a favor and research the goodies before you ever reach for the dollar hip expanders again.