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Hot Firecracker Chicken Wings

Still deciding on the perfect appetizers for game day? If you are, you can’t go wrong with chicken wings! This Kathey Jo Kitchen favorite will bring all the spice to a juicy bite from start to finish. It’s a simple recipe that will bring your loved ones together during a get-together or game day, begging for more.

This recipe calls for 12 chicken wings, but if you’re serving a big crowd, simply double it. Another consideration would be to add spices according to your spice tolerance. If you consider the call for spice too much, you can definitely cut it in half, so it won’t be as intense. Personally, I’m here for the spice because the mix is truly a flavor party in your mouth.

You’ll love the natural smokiness that is incorporated while grilling...

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2 Minute Fudge

2 Minute Fudge

Here in Kathey Jo’s Kitchen, my husband Rob and I know the appeal of fudge. Particularly around the Holidays, when sweet treats are in demand, you’ll want something you can share with friends and family. These times can be understandably hectic, and that’s why people often look for easy but effective recipes. I’m here to tell you more about what this could mean for you and those you choose to share the season with.

As the name implies, you only need a couple of minutes to prep this delicious fudge, and once it’s been microwaved, you need only about half an hour to refrigerate it. Do you want to give yourself and your guests something delicious and filling, yet still simple and fast enough to prepare that anyone can make it...

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Banana-Oat Pancakes

Start your morning with a delicious, healthy alternative to your typical stack of pancakes. Made with rolled oats, unbleached flour, and bananas, these banana oat pancakes are a breakfast favorite at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen. You’ll find that this recipe is easy, quick, and practical—especially considering that most of the ingredients are likely already found in your kitchen.

I love this recipe because it satisfies my craving for a semi-sweet breakfast in the mornings. It’s like eating a bowl of oatmeal but in a pancake form, which is the best of both worlds! The creamy texture of the oatmeal and the sugary hint of vanilla brings such a wonderful combination...

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Enhance Your French Toast!

You wake up for breakfast every day, but it’s the same story all over again. It seems like each day when you get out of bed, it’s the same mundane food and routine. But what if there was a twist that you could put on an old favorite?

French Toast is one of my favorite breakfast dishes, but I wanted to put a new spin on things, which is why I came up with this stuffed version that has become very popular with friends and family. If you love toast, apples, and whipped cream, this is a great way to get the best of all worlds for breakfast, in a single dish!

When you serve this Stuffed French Toast to your family for the first time, They’ll be thrilled at the combination of flavors and breaking away from the mundane early morning routine...

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Easy Egg Rolls

These homemade egg rolls are carefully curated with mouthwatering ingredients that will sure become a new favorite in your household. Here, at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen, they’re used as appetizers for Asian-style meals or even just a snack to satisfy cravings. Yes, they are simply that good! The blend of pork and fresh vegetables wrapped inside a crisp outer layer is the perfect combination.

The thought of making egg rolls could be a bit overwhelming, but once you get started, it’s quite the opposite. Perhaps rolling egg rolls is a new to you, but trust me, it’s not hard! To help keep your rolls intact while you roll, you can add a dash of egg or water to the edge of your wrapper so they can stick in place...

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