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Food Allergies and How to Cook for Them

Chances are, you have gone to a restaurant and seen notes on the menu involving peanuts, wheat or something unique. This is usually to protect a restaurant from lawsuits, and protect their patrons from an unpleasant evening. An allergic reaction to food can affect the skin, the gastrointestinal tract (stomach), the respiratory tract (lungs), and, in the most serious cases, the cardiovascular system (heart). Symptoms typically appear within seconds to several hours after eating the food to which the patron to which you are allergic. Here in my kitchen, I always get asked, “Kathleen Raskin, how do I make this edible and friendly for my son?”


One of the best options I have seen, I spotted off the internet and I’ve modified it. Here you go:

3 8 Oz bone-in chicken breasts

1 3-...

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Feats of Food and Creative Uses for our Fuel

Most people know about the common use of food, eating it. But some people have decided to think outside of the box, including making edible glitter and paints to make food more interesting. You have probably seen examples of multiple different options for food. Many designers have put their efforts into making clothes that are beautiful to look at and even edible. There are design competitions specifically for these creations from chocolate dresses to the simple television shows where even children can compete to make astounding creations.  I’m Kathey Raskin, and I’d like to tell you about some of the more incredible examples of feats of food along with some of my favorites.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

So spectacular that it has its own Wikipedia page, this feat of fashion astounding att...

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Cooking 101

If you are anything like me, Kathey Raskin, you had to start teaching yourself how to cook from the bottom up. My grandmother could, and would burn garlic bread without breaking a sweat. Let’s not even talk about what happened to her steaks on the grill. Let’s just say that there are some things that ketchup can’t even fix. Her stuffing is still stuff of legend and you will thank yourself that you never have to choke it down. My mom didn’t exactly have time to cook every night so I’ve had to teach myself every step of the way, and I will gladly share some of my best tips to be successful in the kitchen.

Boiling Water

Now, don’t roll your eyes. If you watch Worst Cooks in America, you know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world...

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Tips for a Successful Dish

As I’ve mentioned before, dear reader, I don’t know a whole lot about cooking thanks to my family surroundings. “Kathleen Jo Raskin, this is wonderful. How did you do it?” is always heard around the dinners I cook for our gatherings. Contrary to what people tell you, cooking is more than just following a recipe. I remember some of my first failures to this affect involving too much salt and inedible chicken. It’s a devastating blow to have to order pizza when a meal doesn’t work out, but you just must jump back up on the saddle and try again.

Find a recipe at your skill level

Let us assume that you have never made a dessert before in your life. Making the Arc De Triomphe out of nothing but sugar is probably not the best way to keep yourself from failing...

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Three Diets To Keep an Eye Out for in 2017

Now that the holidays are over, you are probably regretting that extra piece of pie, or second helping of turkey. You are probably like so many other people out there, and you hate going to the gym or you want to avoid the crowds of people that have decided that it’s “New Year, New Me.” Sweating it out can be extremely distasteful to some or impossible for others. So other than exercise, what can you do to get your beach body out of hiding? In the past, trends have included juicing, Atkins, Weight Watchers and countless other programs that promised results. This year, you will see results with the following three options.


While it may sound like something out of the dark ages, you will find that this diet is simple. It can be hunted or fished, organ meat and seafood...

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