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Fiesta Steak

Get ready to indulge yourself with a steakhouse-quality dish coming from another one of Kathey Jo’s Kitchen recipes. One of my most sought-after meals is this tequila marinaded steak. I first made this recipe for my husband Rob, who absolutely loved the flavors. The flavors of the steak mixed with the tequila marinade are an explosion in your mouth in the best way possible! It’s a party in your mouth bite after bite, hence the name: fiesta steak!

For best results, choose a well-marbled steak. These steaks will lead to an even juicier outcome. Remember, the steak should be about one inch thick. This will ensure the steak is entirely cooked. In order for the steak to stay tender, you’ll want to give it an even sear. Ultimately, this will prevent the meat from getting dry and tough...

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Chicken with Sweet Pepper Sauce

What is the secret to making a chicken recipe that stands out from hundreds out there? Two words: the sauce. This sweet pepper sauce is a fan favorite from my cookbook! At Kathey Jo’s Kitchen, we love the sweet pepper sauce and chicken combination. The simple recipe is heavenly with tender grilled chicken and creamy sauce balanced with notes of red bell peppers and olives. There’s a reason why the chicken is seasoned very lightly—because the sauce will give it all the scrumptious flavor necessary! You’ll be sure to impress your guests with this high-quality meal.

The trickiest part of the recipe is probably grilling the chicken. You want to make sure the heat is low as you turn the chicken every 20 minutes. This is important because you don’t want it to dry out...

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Caramel Apple Cookies

One of our favorite fall treats here at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen are caramel apples. The crunch of the perfectly tart apple and the sticky goodness of the caramel is simply irresistible! When it’s no longer festival season, how could you possibly enjoy these classical treats? You reinvent them into another fan favorite: cookies! These are perfect for the holidays, a surprise desert away from the classics! Not to mention they’ll go delightfully with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee.

I recommend whipping these up with the kiddos! I recently baked these cookies with my grandchildren, and we had so much fun. Something about making a cookie that looks like an actual apple is exciting to the kids. They especially loved putting in the wooden sticks that mimicked the ones on an actual caramel apple...

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