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One of the Most Delicious Beef Stews Concocted by Man: Now’s a Good Time for Boeuf Bourguignon

Beef bourguignon originated in the region of Burgundy, France, and quickly became a classic Sunday dinner dish worldwide. It’s something that we love serving during weekly meals or for special get-togethers here at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen. My favorite recipe is Julia Childs’ way. I’ve shared the setup with you below, so I hope you enjoy it!

The pieces of beef are braised in a red wine casserole with a topping made of onions, mushrooms, carrots, garlic, bacon and a bouquet garni. It sounds simple and it really is when you stop and think about it. When serving – in principle – wine from the Burgundy region should be trusted to accentuate the flavors. The quality of the dish depends essentially on the meat and wine.

What you might not know about the history of boeuf bourguignon is tha...

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Eat Good Food; Eggplants Are in Season!

Of all the vegetables in the world, at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen, I love the ones that are in season! There are so many wonderful choices out there. Speaking of seasonal vegetables, eggplants are a great way to get your Vitamins A, C and B complex, and potassium. They contain about 30 calories per cup. They’re a yummy and simple way to incorporate new flavors into your meals.

When purchasing eggplant, always choose the fruit that’s glossy and shiny. Dull colored ones will be bitter. Eggplants are perishable, so use them within 2 or 3 days of purchase. Both cold and warm temperatures can damage eggplant. It is best to store eggplant uncut and unwashed in a plastic bag in the cooler section of the refrigerator.

Do not force the eggplant into the crisper if it is too big, as this will bruise...

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