This National Garlic Month, Try Homemade Sausage

Hello everyone! This is Kathleen Raskin of Las Vegas, and I’d like to welcome you into my kitchen today to make homemade garlic sausage. Not many people make their own sausage these days, when busy schedules have left your average person looking for more convenient alternatives. Sausage-making may be a forgotten art to most, but once you’ve tasted the results for yourself you may be ready to bring it back.


Serve this recipe with pasta for a dish that’ll please all ages. My family’s favorite is homemade ravioli! You can adjust the ingredients of this sausage to make it spicy by using hot paprika or any other seasonings you prefer. This is your chance to get creative. It’s sausage, after all. How can you go wrong with homemade sausage? You can’t!


If you live in an area with a lot of farms, it’s worth going to the extra effort to splurge on farm-raised pigs for this recipe. You will taste the difference, and so will everyone else at your table.


A word of caution: when it comes to sausage-making, maintaining sanitary practices is even more important than ever because exposed bacteria on the meat can grow, making you sick. You’ll want to make sure you work with meat that is very cold, clean as you go, and clean everything before and after using plenty of hot water.



5 lbs ground pork

½ cup chilled red wine

7 – 10 tsp minced garlic, to taste

4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

5 tbsp Hungarian paprika

5 tsp pink Himalayan salt

Sausage casings



You can buy the pork already ground, but I prefer to grind my own. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure to get the pork as cold as possible without freezing beforehand. Go ahead and chill it overnight if you need to. If you’re grinding the meat yourself using a food processor or meat grinder, go for the semi-coarse setting. Add the seasonings and garlic to the ground meat and blend thoroughly. Either stuff the sausage into the casings by hand or use a sausage maker. Patties are fine if you don’t want to stuff sausages, but you can buy a sausage maker kit very inexpensively if you want to give stuffing a try.


Another incredible dish that uses garlic and homemade sausage is this delicious baked zucchini stuffed with chouriço and cream cheese from Jen Reviews! I want to thank Jenn so much for alerting me to this recipe. I’d never tried Portuguese sausage before, and it is simply mouthwatering. You’ve got to check this recipe out. It’s got step-by-step pictures and detailed instructions that make it easy to follow.


This sausage-making master class is so informative!


Bratwurst is healthier and more flavorful when you make it at home.