Get in Hot Water: Boiling Water

Hello, I am Kathey Raskin of Las Vegas, and I’d like to welcome you back to Kathey Jo’s Kitchen! Let’s discuss water. Namely, the art of boiling water. The point of boiling water is that it’s the method of purification that even the most casual consumer can do, from 8 to 80. There are many different situations where you can do it. It’s perfectly fine to do when you feel the local water supply may potentially be contaminated, such as after a hurricane. If you run low on bottled water, you could boil water at your campsite as a quick solution. Not all countries have the water sanitation rules that you’re used to, so when you’re visiting a foreign country with poorly sanitized drinking water, you should absolutely boil it before you drink it.

Why Should I Do It?

Boiled water can be used for beverages, brushing teeth, drinking, fruits and vegetables, ice cubes, and preparing food. Formulas for infants should use boiled tap water. It’s not necessary to boil tap water used for bathing, laundry, or showering. You can use water as normal for these activities, but minimize the length of time you spend in the water. Be sure to keep your eyes and mouth closed. People with open wounds or who are immunocompromised should avoid bathing with poorly sanitized water. Toddlers, and infants should be sponge-bathed, which is an option for those who are immunocompromised, or have open wounds.

How Long Should I Do It?

Select a vessel that’s large enough to hold the amount of water you want to boil, and has a lid that fits. Don’t fill the vessel to the top; it needs room to move. Turn the heat on high on your stove. It’s possible to microwave water, however at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen, we avoid for safety reasons. Cover the vessel. Feel free to examine the water when steam starts to escape. Large bubbles rising from the bottom means the water’s ready. If you’re wanting to drink it, let it sit to cool down. Pour carefully into clean containers and refrigerate. There are other ways to sanitize water, but this is the most frugal approach.


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