Easy Halloween Treats Kids Love

Happy Halloween from my Las Vegas kitchen! My name is Kathey Raskin, and Halloween is one of my favorite times of year to have children around. I love seeing their costumes when they come to my door for treats, but more than that I love serving Halloween-inspired treats to my grandchildren.

When it comes to making food spooky, you are limited only by your imagination. Here are a list of some of my favorite fast and simple Halloween hits:

  • Mummy Crescent Rolls – Cut refrigerated crescent rolls into strips and criss-cross them around a hot dog, then bake according to the directions on the package. You can add faces to these with olives, condiments, and more.
  • White Chocolate Ghosts – Anything becomes a ghost when you dip it in white chocolate and put candy eyes on it! You can find white chocolate candy melts and candy eyes at your local craft shop.
  • Mini Donut Monsters – Try using pretzels, candies, and other edible decorations to turn chocolate and crumb mini-donuts into monsters. So scary and good!
  • Creepy Pizza – Use favorite toppings like pepperoni and sausage to make eerie faces on your pizza. This is the one my grandkids like best!
  • Black Cat Cake – Frost a round cake with black frosting and use candies and frosting for the face. You can create whiskers with pretzels, and these taste best with salted caramel cake!

Do you have a favorite Halloween recipe you’d like to share? Please let me know in the comments!

Halloween is such a fun time of year, with so many simple ways to be creative with children’s meals. Looking for more easy kids Halloween food ideas? Then you’ll love this video!

Here are some easy no-bake options!