Top Camping Recipes on the Go

When I decide to strike out into the wilderness, for a weekend, it usually means that there’s running water, a car and coolers and ice. It’s not really roughing it, but when Kathey Raskin camps, you will not be upset with the food that I bring. Here at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen, you will have the incredible head start that I will provide. You will be sitting down to a dinner of ember-kissed steaks or hot off the grill flatbreads while soaking up the glow of a setting sun.


Who doesn’t like getting up early, seeing the sun rise on a nice quiet morning? The first meal of the day is the most important and some of my favorites are tried and true recipes that I have developed just for breakfast. Options include Biscuits and Gravy, fresh fruit, granola and milk or yogurt and my personal favorite, omelets in a bag. Plan ahead, use a gallon size sandwich bag and pour in two eggs or so per person per day and the meats, tofu, veggies and cheese you want as part of it.


When hiking the trails or just relaxing by your tent on the shore, you will want a little something to tide you over until dinner. I know as a kid, nothing made me happier than my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and most of the time, that tides me over. When I’m camping, I usually want something a little bit more. I like a fireside grilled cheese, which can be altered to every taste. One quick one you can enjoy is cold noodle salad which you can make ahead of time.


My favorite thing about camping, besides the fresh air is the end of the day campfire. It is a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends. It is a perfect way to end a busy. Of course, there are also the long days where you’ll want to make the easiest thing possible, just so you can hop into your cozy sleeping bag, read, plan for the next day, and call it a day. I love pasta and sauce with sautéed veggies and meat. Paella is another tasty option, inspired from a tasty Spanish dish. I know that steaks are always a big hit too, perfect protein at the end of the day.

This is Kathleen Raskin, posting from Kathey Jo’s Kitchen straight to yours. Bon apétit!