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Double Nut Baklava

Double Nut Baklava

When I first tried baklava, I knew I had to make a remix of my own. This recipe highlights double nuts: macadamia nuts, and pecans. Sometimes I even switch out the pecans for walnuts. It’s a delicious recipe that is continuously made here at Kathey Jo’s Kitchen. Baklava is one of husband Rob’s favorite deserts, so trust me, this one is a must try!

The flakey pastry is quite simple to make, considering the layering and number of steps. Besides the delicious nuts, you’ll also need a series of flavorful ingredients such as ground allspice, shredded coconuts, brown sugar, and of course, honey! If you are not a huge fan of nuts, or would like to experiment with other fillings, you can also try pistachios.

The filo pastry layers and nuts, are held by syrup or honey...

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