Best End of Summer Foods

Hello everyone, Kathleen Raskin here again, and today I’d like to share some recipes with you that are perfect for late summer. School is almost back in session, and for many people around the country cold weather is not that far into the future. There are a lot of specials on ribs during this time of year, as well as incredible deals on sweet corn, so now is the perfect time to have a cookout and to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables that are at their peak during this time of year.


What’s in Season?

It helps to plan your meals around what is fresh and in-season if you want to enjoy your produce at its best, and there are so many fresh fruits in vegetables in season right now, like tomatoes, okra, grapes, peppers, melons, blackberries, and figs are all at their most flavorful right now, so if you’ve been thinking about incorporating any of these into your meals, now is the time to act. One thing my family loves is venison with blackberry sauce.


Beach and Picnic Favorites

Whether your idea of a picnic is at the park or at the beach, everyone loves classic picnic favorites like buttermilk fried chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, and homemade biscuits, and you can’t go wrong with an assortment of sandwiches. Nothing makes friends, family, and kids hungry like a day in the outdoors. Summer ends too soon (unless you are here in Las Vegas!) so make the most of it while it lasts by sharing food, fun, and sun with your loved ones. Winter stews and ciders will be here before you know it!


I hope you will check back with me, Kathleen Raskin, again soon for more of the best recipes. Bon appétit!